Thursday, 21 November 2013

how to set up microsoft outlook

Hi Friend today i will share about how to set up Microsoft outlook . Microsoft Outlook is a one of the good service from the Microsoft comes with all Microsoft office version . Microsoft Outlook is the easy way to send personalized email to friend and to others . Connect Your Email Provider and send email or files through Microsoft outlook get your all email in one place  . Follow the Step to connect your email id to microsoft outlook :

Step 1. Install the Microsoft outlook on the system .
Step 2.Configure the Microsoft Outlook .
Step 3.Add a New Email Account .
Step 4.Click on the Pop3 .
Step 5. Give User Name and Log-in Information as Required and Fill the server information .
Incoming server -
Outgoing Server
and Change gmail to your email service provider name .
than Next after filling all information . Click on the Finish .
Step 6.After this Microsoft Outlook ask for login information that place you fill your email id and password . After that you will connected to Microsoft outlook . Click on the Send Receive option for sending or receiving mail .

If you have Microsoft Outlook but not configured than
 Click on the Tools and Again click on the option from tool menu .
 From Option click on the Mail Set up ---> Email Account >New

Than Follow the Same Process from Step 4.

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