Sunday, 1 December 2013

Best Smart Watch

 Smart Watch

Smart Watch is advanced computerized watch that perform many thing as you want that not a ordinary watch like old time . It comes with Many Features Calculations , Translations , Game Playing ,portal media players , fm radio , audio , Bluetooth and many More features . Its not just a watch its is a futuristic wearable computer on hands .

Such devices are many other features such as camera , accelerometer , barometer , compass , calculator ,touch phone ,cell phone , touch screen , gps navigation , graphical display and many more according to the Manufactures.

 Here is the list of Some top Smart Watch in the today market :

1.Apple I Watch 

Apple I-Watch

2.Samsung Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

3.SonySmart Watch
4.I'm Watch Android

5.Pebble Smartwatch

If You Are looking for Smart watch than this list for you . Smartwatch comes with many android experience and introduces new and exciting ways to live and communicate. It interacts with your smartphone over Bluetooth®, and what’s happening in your life is mirrored in your watch.

When you are using a wireless Bluetooth® headset for music, you can use SmartWatch  as a phone remote to make or receive calls. When a call comes in, you can see who’s calling in your SmartWatch display, press once to answer* and enjoy hands-free calling at its easiest. You can also browse recent calls in your call log and use SmartWatch to initiate a call.

Features :
1. Need Not To Recharged Watch Battery after 6 day .
2.Water Proof and Dust Resistant .
3.Android Compatible .
4.App Store Available .

Processor: Android/ios
Display: 1.6in 220x176 LCD Touchscreen
Camera: Yes
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, MicroUSB
Memory: Upto 4GB
Dimensions: 41.6mm x 41.1mm x 9mm

Range Start From : $150 -$499  

Share Your Smart Watch Experience and any New Smartwatch . I Will see you here on my Comment List .


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