Friday, 25 March 2011

how to protect microsoft word document with password

How to Protect Microsoft Word Document With Password 

Protect the Microsoft word document form the unauthorized person with the password . Anyone cannot able to read or modify your document without your permissions . Every unauthorized person need password to open the document . if person applied correct password on the document then your document will open to modify or changes . if password entered UN-correct then your document should be protected from the unauthorized use . Without password your document becomes read only functionality .

How to Set your Password on the Microsoft Word it is simple to set the password in Microsoft word document . Follow the Simple Steps for make your document password protected .

Step 1 : Open the word document that you wanted to protect from unauthorized used.

Step 2 : Go to Prepare and Click on the Encrypt Document and Set the password .

Encrypt Document Dialog box and Password Box , Type the Password Hard that you remember easily . In Microsoft Word You can make password up to 255 characters or by default you uses AES 128-bit advanced Encryption . Encryption is the standard method used to make your file more secure .

 Step 3 : Confirm the Password and Re- Enter the Password to protect your document .

password protected

Password Protected

Step 4 : To Delete a Given Password Go to Microsoft Word and click on the encrypt document under prepare menu . Click on the encrypted password and delete .

Step 5 : if you want to modify your old password Go to General Option and under file sharing modify the password . Enter the password and re-enter the password to make your document save .

These are very easy step to protect your microsoft word document with the password .


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