Friday, 24 May 2013

How To Activate Window 7 Without a Product Key

Hii Friend Today i Will Share the knowledge of Software that is useful at that time window notificatication notify you window is not genuine and that time user of microsoft window is very bad time . After that user have only choice to change or format the window or installing Fresh Window .
All person are not able to install new or fresh window software in the pc .

I will tell about the Software that will useful when ur window show not genuine advantage . If you are using Pirated Window that

You will Always Change the Setting of Window update to :

Never Check for update .

Here is Name of Software that is useful during Window showing not genuine Notification.

Window Loader V.2.17
WAT(Window Activation Technologies)

Window loader Software use is if ur window showing not genuine notification than u will this software it will load another product key in window after the successful loading of window in pc . Pc tell to restart .After Restart u will see the changes in pc now ur pc will be genuine advantage and u will able to use of all features of window .

WAT(window activation technologies) wat is another software to make ur pc running wat remove the window genuine notification .

Before Using These Software Always change the Window Update Setting to Never Check to update.

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    1. Yes window 7 is the best operating system , thanks for visiting .