Thursday, 30 May 2013

Turbocharge Your Gmail Experience

What's is the Best Thing About Gmail ? Yes it so many Cool Features , But the fact that it Keep it Up evolving and including new feature . Today i Will Share Some uSeful Gmail Tips to Spice up the Everday usage .

1. Mute
Step to Mute a Conversion in Gmail
Step :1 Login to your account and navigate to inbox.
Step :2 On The inbox , Select one or more messege . Then click on More Menu and choose the mute option .
gmailStep to Unmute a Conversion
Login to Gmail Account and Follow the below process :

Naviagate to all Mail :Look for the conversion that you want to unmute .Marks the one or more messege and click on more than unmute.

2.Selecting Quoting to Reply .
When replying the email ,if you just want to quote a part of email that you received .all you need to select it and click on replying button . Instead of quoting of the entire email , Gmail will show that specific part to receipant .

3.Paste Unformatted text quikly.
You can paste something from web or word document and paste it .An easy way to unformatted  text to use . Ctrl + Shift + V .

4.Increase undo Send time 

Undo feature is the best feature of Gmail . If you sended email to any unknown person than click on undo button than .your sended mail back .

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