Friday, 17 May 2013

how to make computer faster

Simple Ways to Speed up Pc By Following Some Step :

1.Disk Cleanup ........ By Disk Cleanup Utility Present on the Window u can Cleanup the PC unwanted file and temporay file from pc because of unwanted file pc work slow .

Go To Start :

  • All Program
  • Accessories
  • System Tool 
  • Disk Cleanup
Select the disk to Clean and clean up The file .

2. Disk Defragmenter

Disk Defragementar is Utility to Defregrament the Hard Disk to used more efficiently . After Defrementar pc will Fast than the earlier .

3. Ms Configuration

Ms Configuration is the System utility to Speed up pc by Selecting Some program at the time of startup . By ms Config u choose the service that open in the startup .

Go to Run and type MsConfig
Click On the Start Up
Select Microsoft services and service that u need in Start up And Apply.

After This U see to Restart the pc .

4. Scan ur pc For Virus in two or three Time in Month that remove Virus , Spyware because of these unwanted program pc will work slower .

5.Delete Temporary File
By Typing
on Run or Search window

Select all and Press Shift + Delete to delete file permanently .

6.Clean Desktop

Cleaning Desktop is also make pc faster u will try to Clean the Desktop regularly .

7.Uninstall Unused or large Program

Uninstall all unused and large program that are not using from long period because large program and unused program take memory space of pc cause slower pc .

Follow these Steps to Speed up of pc . Best Step to Speed up pc without investing money to buy new pc .


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