Monday, 27 May 2013

How To Protect Your Laptop From Theft

laptop theft
Hiii Friend Today I want to tell about the software that are very useful and Free to download . Its is Tracking Software and track through Global Positioning System .

Suppose if anyone lost his laptop , Smart phone or Tablet steal by thief . This is a Big Loss to Owner who buy the gadget because he also loss important saved data , backup , contacts , pictures and many more thing .If you Installed software before you lost or stealed by thief . You will track your gadget by tracking software .

Prey - Prey is free and open source software . Prey let keeps your track your laptop , Phone and tablet whenever its Stolen or missing . Prey used Host Computer Signal and Host Can Signal the Agent with reply with information like location , hardware attached and network status .

Features of Prey are :------
1.Aware of your GPS Location of Device.
2.Know your thief - it catch the thief picture at the time of stolen .
3.Lock your Pc . Pc works only with ur order . No one Unauthorised access ur pc if software is installed.
4.It also hide your sensible data from pc .

Many more Software also used to track ur gadget Like :
Laptop Cop
Quick heal

Some internet security software like antivirus also used to track a stolen laptop .Its record the Hardware , Physical address , network etc.


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