Sunday, 10 April 2011

how to hide a drive in windows using command prompt

 How to hide a drive by using command prompt

Hide a drive by using a command prompt . Hide your useful document stored on specific drive on the desktop pc to make sure anyone no have permission to view your important file without your permission . By following simple step to hide drive in your desktop .

Step 1. Go to Start  > Run  > cmd open command prompt

Step 2.Open Diskpart using simple command by pressing list volume  in the command prompt, disk part session will open.


Step 3. After that command enter and you will see the list of registered volume and drives and letter in the view .

Step 4.Now select a volume for example type select 3 and you can get a message volume 3 is selected .

Step 5.Type remove letter F(Note : you should type current volume letter only).
disk volume

Step 6. Now F drive is hided, just restart the machine.
disk volume
Disk Volume

Step 7. To Recover the volume letter F follow the above procedure upto step 5.

Step 8.Now type assign letter F and restrat your machine.

Step 9.Your hidden drive is rolled back.

Follow the Simple step to hide a drive using command prompt .


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