Saturday, 30 April 2011

Access the blocked Website

Access the Blocked Website

Access the blocked website . Sometime we need to access the blocked website due to need for something . In School , College or Workplace we are not able to access the website because its are blocked by the Administrators of the Workplace . Many Big and good website are blocked by the government for the better of the people . But many people finding place to crawl and using the website for the fun . In the world of the internet many site provides the very good services to visiting the site anonymously to the website . I think many people don't know about the Proxy . 

Proxy is the software or server which is to hide the current location or your original ip from the website it always helpful to the surf site if site access will blocked by the Administrator . Its hide the Current location for the server . Many Website or software provides the same facility to the user to hide and access the web from anywhere if he are using desktop , or the smartphone . 
Access Denied

Access Denied

There are the list of Some Proxy Sites or the Software useful to access the blocked site enjoy these software anytime .
1.Hide Me
2.Proxy Browsing
3.Epic Browser
4.Proxy Browser
5.Boom Proxy

Many Android app are available on android store you can find one for your Use and Many Extensions are provide under the Browser Extension Try it also . It will be seriously helpful to you  Access the Blocked Website .


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