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How to protect and recovered your hacked account

 How to Protect and Recover your Hacked Account 

Hacking is a disater to anyone because it leaked your privacy and your information detail to someone you dont know . how to protect and recover you hacked account .

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Our email is associated  with many web services like facebook , twitter ,official accounts and many other websites where we interacted in regular days . E-mail accounts is one place where all the confidential records and data are present . We used our email id in many places like for online shopping , banking , and many things like credit card and other sensitive data . if your email account is hacked you are lose many things .
 For Gmail Account:

If your Gmail account has been hacked then it would be a big disaster for you as your Gmail account may be associated with several services like “Facebook”, “Blogger”, “Analytics”,” Ad words”, “Ad sense”, “Twitter” etc. When you Lose your access to your Gmail account it means you are losing access to all the services associated with it. Now check out the following new trick to recover your Gmail:

Step -1: First of all try to reset your password. It is the easiest method to get back your Gmail account. For performing this trick Google may ask you to answer the “secret question “that you fill in the form during the creation of your Gmail account or may send the password reset details to the secondary email address associated with your hacked account.

If the first method does not works for you then choose the second trick given below:

Step-2: Sometime when the hacker hacks your account they recently change your secret question and secondary email address. And your first trick will not work as discussed above. If this is the case then you need to contact the Gmail support team by filling out the account recovery form. The recovery form consists of various question and you have to answer each question accuratly so that your account get recover easily. The various type of question in the form are:

1. Last five emailed addresses on which you send email.
2. Other services associated with your Hacked account
3. Last successful Login date.
4. Account creation date.
5. Last password that you remember and many more questions…
You need to fill out this form as much accurately as possible. It is obvious to forget the dates of last login, account creation and similar terms. However you need to figure out the closest possible date/answers and fill out this form. This is your last chance to recover your account! The more accurate the information filled out in the recovery form, the more the chances of getting your account back.

For Protection of Your Email Account You need to make your password stronger that was not guessable to anyone easily and registered your mobile with it to protect it with two way authentication required to login to your account and register the security key usb with the email account to maximum protection .

this are simplest way to protect and recovered the hacked account .



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