Saturday, 30 April 2011

Notepad Know about 9/11 incident

Notepad Know All About 9/11 Incident

We know all about notepad but we don't know about something special about the notepad with Windging Font . Wingding Fonts are the collection of cool smiley and art crape that are used to make a something to draw with the normal font . Wingding font Can can Normal font into any smiley that are available on the library of the window in default in many application . Many Application are using wingding font for many attractive the document . Wingding specially use for show the unique art or something that are good . 

Special Tricks of Notepad I found on the Typing during the work . its really amazing that the notepad know things about the 09/11/2011 incident . You will try the this trick buy using small font of wingdings . 

The flight number which hit the WTC in New York was Q33N !

Write the flight number on the notepad than apply wingding font and you will find the amazing thing that number will tell you about the incidents because he know all things .

See it yourself : 

1. Open Notepad
2. Type : Q33N

3. Now, go to Format menu
4. Choose Font.
5. Now, change the size to '72'
6. Now, change the font to 'Wingdings'
7. See what is displayed !

Isn't it amazing !


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