Thursday, 28 April 2011

How To Protect Computer From USB Virus

  How to Protect Your PC from the Virus 

how to protect your pc from the virus . Virus is infection that infect your pc easily and harm your pc regularly . Usb drive easily get infected from the virus because we don't know which pc is infected from the virus .
pen drive
Pen Drive

With hi-end anti virus products against spyware , malware and all type of virus , hackers are turning more aware to attention to less defended routes such as usb drives . This is a latest method to exploit the innocent user who don't aware of the computer virus he will used the usb drive and get infected . Here are some ways to protect your computer with Usb Drives :

Step 1 : Block USB drive virus by using some excellent and powerful paid antivirus software program that can track all the virus activity and disabled to autorun on the pc it clean worms , trojan and virus from the usb drives .

 Step 2 : Disable your Computer Autorun Features : Turn of Autorun features help your system to protect virus with autorun functionality . Disable your autorun feature of future use from the Control Panel of your pc

Step 3 : Update Your PC regularly : it help to keep running good regularly with updated feature it work smootly than earlier . update your virus software daily . it block virus real time .

Step 4 : Always on the Firewall of the system : USB firewalls prevent Windows OS from processing malicious programs when a virus infected portable USB device is opened. USB firewalls monitor only your USB devices, and not your CD and DVD drives. By using USB firewalls, you’ll be enabling a basic level of protection from the autorun.inf viruses that spread from portable USB devices.

Step 5. :Always Safely Remove USB Devices :Viruses are sometimes created via damaged documents. If you are transferring a set of files to your USB drive, make sure the transfer is complete before you eject the device. Always use the Safely Remove Hardware feature of Windows OS. This is because partially transferred or damaged files can in turn corrupt other files on your USB drive.

These are basic step to protect computer from the virus .


  1. good tips to protect usb device almost out of 100 90 usb devices are defected by virus .....