Sunday, 10 April 2011

How to hide a folder by using comand prompt

 How to Hide a Folder using Command Prompt

 How to hide a folder using a command prompt using a simple step . By using a such simple step you are able to hide a folder that you want to protect from the unauthorized person in your home and your office .

 Here are the some snapshot of window xp you also used same in the window 7 , window 8 and Window 10 .

Step 1. Go to any drive and create a folder for E.g (D:testhide) i have created hide folder inside D: drive

hide folder


Step 2.Open Command prompt by start–>Accessories—->Command Prompt use cd and cd.. commands to navigate between folders and drive

Step 3. open the drive in command prompt in which u had create a folder to hide by simply write  D: and then press enter
command prompt
Command Prompt

Step 4.Now I’m going to hide the “hide” folder using “attrib +s +h +r  hide” command.

    syntax : “attrib +s +h +r  folder name
    Type the above command in command prompt

5.To unhide your folder use attrib -s -h -r  hide command

    syntax : attrib -s -h -r  folder name

    follow these simple to hide folder using command prompt 


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