Sunday, 17 April 2011

how to enable multiple sign-in in google account

How to enable multiple sign in google account

For enable the multiple sign in using Google account is very simple and easy to get your all other email accounts email in one place and read all the email in one place . Only you need to do your multiple accounts add in one of your primary Google accounts that you are using more than other add the accounts to your primary account to access all your email in the one place . Switch over one account to another account in simple by switch the id . You need to sign out from the current session and login with another Google account .

if you have using more than one browser you dont worry about it you easily access the multiple accounts in multiple browser in same time without losing anything from the session you get same session and same features in different browsers . To over come this problem Google accounts gives you an option to use multiple Google accounts inside oneGoogle account.

Step 1. Open Google Accounts and find out an option Multiple sign-in under personal settings
Gmail Id

Step 2. Multiple sign-in is enabled in Calendar, Code, Gmail, Reader, Sites and Voice

Step 3. You can find an drop down option (Sign in to another account) in the right top corner of your default account.
Step 4. After turning on this feature you need to ensure, that which account (right side top corner) you are using for Gmail and Google  products.

Follow this step to enable multiple sign of google account in easy way to get you email id in the one account from the all other email id . 


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